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Our stallholders can proudly tell you where and how their foods were farmed or processed as well as give you cooking advice and recipes. Lewes Friday Food Market offers an abundance of high quality food brought from local producers. You'll find a wide range of competitively priced, fresh produce so you can do your weekly shopping at the market.

By shopping at Lewes Friday Food Market, you’re helping to maintain the viability of our local producers and so sustaining and protecting our local food supplies. You’re also using fewer food miles so you are helping to protect the environment. Shopping regularly at Lewes Friday Food Market is fun and relaxing – just the place to meet up with old friends and make some new ones.


Food, Glorious Food!

Fresh, locally made dishes to take home - every Friday


Stalls Criteria

Primary Produce - priority will be given to primary produce, e.g. vegetables and fruit, eggs, milk, meat and fish.


Local Produce - goods should be raised, grown, produced, processed or baked within approximately 30 miles of Lewes. Processed products, or products that have had value added, should contain a significant proportion of local produce. Lewes Friday Food Market aims to reduce CO2 emissions from transport fuel. Priority will be given to the most local producer of any product without compromising quality.


Chemicals - growers will be expected to be looking for alternatives to chemical fertilisers and pesticides, wherever possible.


Traceability - stallholders must display their name and postcode clearly on their stall and provide information about production practices and source locality.


Battery Farming - battery-farmed eggs and animal products are excluded from sale.


Packaging - stallholders should encourage shoppers to use re-usable shopping bags, or to re-use carrier bags where practicable. All packaging should be kept to a minimum, re-using and recycling where possible.

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We're always looking for new and exciting food producers to join the family. Go to our Stalls page to find out more.

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