By Daphne Lambert

Juicing is a brilliant way of harnessing the potent healing power of plant life. Within 20 minutes of drinking a fresh vegetable juice, the nutrients are flowing through you. The absorption rate of nutrients via drinking a juice is higher than eating the whole vegetable. Juices are very easily assimilated; they also give the digestive system, which uses a considerable amount of energy, a rest.

Low-sugar varieties of vegetables containing a large amount of chlorophyll are best, as green juice heals and builds the body. It is best to avoid too much fruit, as the sugar content can upset blood glucose levels. The addition of lemons and limes to your juice is not a problem, as they are both low in sugar; in addition, they are good at counteracting the slightly bitter taste of the dark, green leafy vegetables that provide us with so many nutritional benefits.

A health promoting juice needs to be made from organically grown leaves and vegetables and, unless you are avoiding them because of their sweetness, carrot and beetroot along with apples work well with dark green leaves. If you are feeling a little tired or jaded why not head over to the market one Friday for a YouJuice "pick me up" or just enjoy one of their delicious juices?

Six of the best

By Daphne Lambert